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List Description
2012-PIs-IBP List of GCP 2012 PIs IBP
2012-PIs-RI-Cassava List of GCP 2012 PIs RI Cassava
2012-PIs-RI-Comparative-Genomics List of GCP 2012 PIs RI Comparative Genomics
2012-PIs-RI-Legumes-Beans List of GCP 2012 PIs RI Legumes-Beans
2012-PIs-RI-Legumes-Chickpeas List of GCP 2012 PIs RI Legumes-Chickpeas
2012-PIs-RI-Legumes-Cowpeas List of GCP 2012 PIs RI Legumes-Cowpeas
2012-PIs-RI-Legumes-Cross-Cutting-Activities List of GCP 2012 PIs RI Legumes-Cross-cutting activities
2012-PIs-RI-Legumes-Groundnuts List of GCP 2012 PIs RI Legumes-Groundnuts
2012-PIs-RI-Maize List of GCP 2012 PIs RI Maize
2012-PIs-RI-Rice List of GCP 2012 PIs RI Rice
2012-PIs-RI-Sorghum List of GCP 2012 PIs RI Sorghum
2012-PIs-RI-Wheat List of GCP 2012 PIs RI Wheat
2012-PIs-Themes List of GCP 2012 PIs Themes
2013-PIs-IBP List of GCP 2013 PIs-IBP
2013-PIs-RI-Cassava List of GCP 2013 PIs-RI-Cassava
2013-PIs-RI-Comparative-Genomics List of GCP 2013 PIs-RI-Comparative Genomics
2013-PIs-RI-Legumes-Beans List of GCP 2013 PIs-RI-Legumes Beans
2013-PIs-RI-Legumes-Chickpeas List of GCP 2013 PIs-RI-Legumes Chickpeas
2013-PIs-RI-Legumes-Cowpeas List of GCP 2013 PIs-RI-Legumes Cowpeas
2013-PIs-RI-Legumes-Cross-Cuttingactivities List of GCP 2013 PIs-RI-Legumes Cross-cutting activities
2013-PIs-RI-Legumes-Groundnuts List of GCP 2013 PIs-RI-Legumes Groundnuts
2013-PIs-RI-Maize List of GCP 2013 PIs-RI-Maize
2013-PIs-RI-Rice List of GCP 2013 PIs-RI-Rice
2013-PIs-RI-Sorghum List of GCP 2013 PIs-RI-Sorghum
2013-PIs-RI-Wheat List of GCP 2013 PIs-RI-Wheat
2013-PIs-Theme4-CB List of GCP 2013 PIs-Themes
acm-group Consists of people that are working on ACM in Asia & Africa
asb-bnpp Alternatives to Slash-and-Burn Bank Netherlands Partnership Program
asb-ma ASB-MA Crosscutting Assessment List
asb-magoods ASB-MA Goods Group
asb-rainforest RAINFOREST Challenge Program (CP) List
Bapnet Banana Asia Pacific Network (BAPNET)
Bosquebolivia Bolivian forests - Bosques de bolivia
CBandAssistants CB members & assistants
Cgdgsao A shared listserver of CO and DGs
cgiar-ddg Facilitating communication amongst deputies of the IARCs
ciat-news Recent Products and Developments at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture
Ciat-news-lac Recent Products and Developments at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture
cifor-pen CIFOR Poverty Environment Network (PEN)
Ciforbioenergyadministrative CIFOR-Bioenergy-administrative
Ciforbioenergytechnical CIFOR-Bioenergy Technical
ciforbot The CIFOR Board of Trustees Listserver
cimmyt-cwc Important notices to CWC participants
CIT Consortium Implementation Team
Consortium-office Consortium Office Staff
Dryland-Systems-Focal-Points Dryland Systems Focal Points
Dryland-Systems-Independent-Science-Advisory Dryland Systems Independent Science Advisory
Dryland-Systems-Steering-Committee Dryland Systems Steering Committee
Enewsalert Newsletter for those interested in agricultural research & development
esdn Education for Sustainable Development Network
Fcclist Forests and Climate Change List
Flores Discussion list for FLORES participants
gcpnews GCP Newsletter
GenerationCP-Consortium-Committee List of GCP Consortium Committee
GenerationCP-Executive-Board List of GCP Executive Board
GenerationCP-IPAC List of GCP IPAC
GenerationCP-PSC List of GCP PSC
GenerationCP-RAP-PAC List of GCP RAP & PAC
GenerationCP-SiMAC-Core List of GCP SIMAC-Core
GenerationCP-SiMAC-Specialist List of GCP SiMAC Specialist group
grpc Genetic Resources Policy Committee (GRPC) Listserver
icraf-gis ICRAF GIS Community of Practice
ICWG-GR Listserver
nafaids Network for Agroforestry and HIV/AIDS Research, Development and Education
NSSP-Seminars NSSP Policy Seminar Series
Pgrsecure2014-Conference PGRSecure, CWR, LR, Conservation Strategies, Chekclist, traits
Presacommunity Pro-Poor Rewards for Environmental Services in Africa (PRESA
Promusa A Global Programme for Musa Improvement
promusa-improvement Global Programme for Musa - improvement
promusa-production Global Programme for Musa - production
promusa-protection Global Programme for Musa - protection
Sat21 SAT21 Follow-up
satrends The monthly e-newsletter for ICRISAT (
seanafe Update on agroforestry education for students, lecturers and leaders at universities and colleges in Southeast Asia. Produced by the Southeast Asian Network for Agroforestry Education (SEANAFE)
searnetnews The Newsletter on Rainwater Harvesting
seed-info Regional Seed Network Newsletter for the development of stronger national seed programs
Srfprocessteam SRF Process Team
twtn TWTN Teaching with Trees Network
WhatisnewatICARDA-Arabic ICARDA e-newsletter; agricultural research for development in the non-tropical dry areas.
WhatisnewatICARDA-English ICARDA e-newsletter; agricultural research for development in the non-tropical dry areas.

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